We tinker with decentralized algorithmic currencies

We tinker with decentralized algorithmic currencies

Why algorithmic currencies?

We are inspired by the thought of a censorship resistant stable currency that is not backed by a military. Experiments like $AMPL, $OHM, $RAI, $BEAN and $LUSD have shown us a glimpse of what is possible when an abstract concept like money becomes programmable.

We think algorithmic currencies are at a point today where aviation was in the early 1900s. Back then an air plane had taken flight but it lasted only 12 seconds in 1903 and rose to 39 minutes by 1905.

What have we done so far?

  • Sponsored a hackathon for OlympusDAO where we gave out $100,000 in prizes. All submissions including the finalists and winners can be accessed on this link.
  • Delivered a presentation at ETH Denver explaining $OHM.
  • Published notes explaining the mechanism behind $AMPL, $RAI, $OHM, $BEAN and $LUSD.
  • Attempted to create a product for institutions to access crypto yield but abandoned that effort in May 2022.
  • Raised a $2.8 million seed financing round.

What is next for us?

  1. Consolidate learnings by creating and publishing content
  2. Launching protocols to conduct experiments and test hypotheses

Blockchain gives us the ability to track transaction level data 24/7. We think the world of finance and economics has finally found a reliable lab.

Our goal is to do the best we can with this lab in order to create a currency that does a far better job at reducing the angst experienced by humans amidst volatility.

How to contact us?

Find us on Twitter and send a DM.